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about the front

 The National Front for the Health of Migrants is the result of the mobilization process initiated by the National Health and Migration Plenary . Its objective is to articulate a network of collaboration at the national level between migrants, activists, researchers, organizations and migration assistance services, making the debate on health and migration permanent.


Health, migration, mobilities

The interface between health and migration does not always receive due attention in Brazil. Guaranteeing the right to health for migrants is to promote a migration policy that respects human rights, always paying close attention to the social, economic, racial, ethnic, cultural and gender particularities of each community.

Photo: Sebastião Almeida

Migrants and the SUS

The Brazilian Unified Health System is based on three paradigmatic pillars: universality (everyone has the right to benefit from the SUS), comprehensiveness (all dimensions of health care need to be considered, not just biomedical ones) and equity (it is necessary guarantee these rights observing the various differences that make up Brazilian society). Even without documents and without speaking Portuguese, migrants must have their right to health guaranteed without being threatened with arrest or deportation, and it is necessary that this health care respects the right of migrants to understand information regarding their case. Therefore, specific strategies need to be adopted to guarantee this right, always having a horizon of intercultural care.

Image by Guilherme  Cunha



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